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Stories from the front lines of the fight against human trafficking.

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Sex Trafficking Survivor Escapes Brothel, Helps Rescue 4 More

It was a Sunday night. Tanjia* had been in forced prostitution for three weeks after being trafficked from her home nearly 1,200 miles away.

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India Community Unites to Give Weddings to Trafficking Survivors

21 women in India’s sex trade just received a life-changing gift that could save them from a life of prostitution. These 21 women, many of whom had been forced into...

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How to Catch Signs of Sex Trafficking Among Students

If you're a student, teacher, or administrator, you have a unique opportunity in the fight against sex trafficking.

Because likely, there are exploited and trafficked youth in...

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A Human Trafficking Investigator's Story from Deployment

Sepo. I can’t forget her.

She was selling herself on the street. She was from Zambia, and her smile was pure. To her, I was just another prospective john, but she treated me...

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Rescue Update: Meet Sex Trafficking Survivor Bashita*

*CAUTION: Graphic and Sensitive Information*

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The Realities of Human Trafficking Rescue | Inside Operation TIGER

There are many complexities that go into human trafficking rescue work. There are ALWAYS cultural nuances to be aware of, social systems to understand, and survivor interactions

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Meet a Human Trafficking Survivor: Diya

Diya is dirt-poor and barely-educated. She grew up in Bangladesh in the countryside. We don't know the exact details, but the likelihood is that getting enough food for the day...

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Liberty Alliance Counter-Trafficking Leadership Conference

In one of our most strategic collaborative efforts to date, nearly 150 people came together in Thailand from the surrounding regions to receive tools and information to help...

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Anna and Sophia | Trafficked from Europe

Anna and Sophia’s Story

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