September 23, 2020 in Survivor Stories, TER Operatives, Search + Rescue
Away From Home: Cindy's Story

Walking the dusty trail with sloshing jugs of water, Cindy felt the cool earth of Ugandan soil through her worn sandals. She walked home to her children. The water filled their bellies each...

August 3, 2020 in Take Action, TER Updates, TER Operatives
The Table: Our Welcoming, Strategic Approach to Fighting Human Trafficking

Through the years, we have learned that in fighting human trafficking, we are not alone.   And we are so encouraged.   We often meet others who are bringing freedom for children, women, and men...

June 24, 2020 in Human Trafficking Education, Resources, U.S. Trafficking
Kids Sexting: Child Porn, Exploitation, and Human Trafficking

  Sexting [seks-ting] noun Digital Technology. the sending of sexually explicit digital images, videos, text messages, or emails, usually by cell phone.

June 16, 2020 in Human Trafficking Education, After Care
Aftercare in Human Trafficking: It's Much Harder than You Think.

    For survivors of human trafficking, healing and empowerment to move forward are vital to experiencing true freedom. At The Exodus Road, we believe there is great need for intervention and...

June 9, 2020 in Human Trafficking Education
Porn and Human Trafficking: The Facts You Need to Know

My name is Chloe.* My mother has always taken care of me and my brother. My father left when I was still little. I see how hard my mother works. I see her struggle and my brother works to help,...

May 19, 2020 in Human Trafficking Education, Resources
10 Tools to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

During these uncertain days of COVID-19 quarantine, ensuring that your children are safe online is more important than ever. Screen time for children has jumped with kids learning at home, virtual...

May 7, 2020 in Human Trafficking Education, Resources
50+ Gifts (and Businesses!) that Fight Human Trafficking

One of the greatest obstacles survivors of human trafficking face is acquiring the necessary job training and opportunities to support themselves financially after being rescued. This is...

April 16, 2020 in TER Updates, TER Operatives, Search + Rescue
"Our Hearts are Afraid." COVID-19 and Its Dramatic Impact in India

I am Gita*. My father and I came to Dharavi when I was a small child to live with my aunt. It is a slum, but I am proud to live here - we work hard in Dharavi. I am a potter, and I learned my...

April 10, 2020 in Take Action, Human Trafficking Education
How Does COVID-19 Impact Human Trafficking?

The COVID-19 Crisis has, in many ways, resulted in more shared humanity than any event in human history. It is doubtful that anyone will remain unaffected by this virus in one way or another.   As...