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Stories from the front lines of the fight against human trafficking.

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Your impact: 2019 in Numbers

2019 was an incredible year. It was a year of great challenge, but it was also our year of largest rescue since inception. Together, we helped find and free survivors of human...

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Ian Urbina & The Outlaw Ocean | Human Trafficking at Sea

Photo Credit: Hannah Reyes Morales

Throughout the summer, The Exodus Road is highlighting some of the most urgent human trafficking issues playing out in the regions where we...

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What is Fair Trade & How do I Make the Switch?

Fair trade is a movement that values the freedom and dignity of individuals who make, grow, and supply products to consumers over the cost and convenience of acquiring...

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How to Fight Human Trafficking: 7 Actions with Big Impact

So you've learned about human trafficking. You've realized it's a real problem, in the world and in your city, and you want to take action.

The problem is, human trafficking...

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21 Survivors of Sex Trafficking Are Married into Freedom

In 2017, a group of women in India’s sex trade received a life-changing gift that could save them from a life of prostitution. 21 women, many of whom had been forced into...

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